Do my avocado's arrive ripe?
No - we send avocados freshly picked off the tree as they travel best when very firm, so allow time for them to ripen after you get them.

How long do they take to ripen?
It depends on the time of the year – in the peak season around Nov-Dec they take 7-10 days to ripen from picking. Early in the season they can take 2 weeks or more, late season (summer) can be 5-7 days.

What is the best way to ripen them?
Avocados ripen best naturally at room temperature, so put them in your fruit bowl and let nature do it’s thing. Never put them on your windowsill or in direct sun to ripen. They can ripen faster in the company of bananas or kiwifruit which give off natural ripening gases.

How do I know when my avos are ready to eat?
The colour of Hass avocados will change from shiny bright green to olive green to matte dark green as they ripen, but the colours do vary and darken over the course of the season. Keep an eye on the colour and also regularly gently feel your avocados for softness to check when they are ready.

Can I store them in the fridge?
Refrigeration temperatures are too cold for avocados and can make the flesh go brown and stringy, so we don’t recommend it. Some people do put their avos in the fridge when a couple of days away from being ripe then bring them out to finish ripening when they want to use them, but you shouldn’t try and store them for more than a week or two.

Are your avocados organic?
We used to run our entire orchard using organic principles but this was not sustainable long term so we now grow using conventional inputs. We grow using biological principles that focus on creating a healthy soil environment to produce a healthy tree and a healthy avocado. We regularly monitor pest levels so that we only spray when and where absolutely necessary, and choose the softest spray options.

How long does delivery take?
Overnight for major north island cities, 1-2 days for North Island regions, 2-3 days for South Island. Allow an extra 2 days for rural.

Do you send to rural addresses?
Yes, we sure do!

Why do you only dispatch once per week?
The rural location of our orchard is a significant detour from the main road for couriers, so they collect all our orders in one batch for efficiency. Because we send at the start of the week it means orders can be delivered before the weekend to minimise transit time.

Do you supply cafes and restaurants?
Yes we sure do! Order online, or email us if you wish to set up a regular supply arrangement. We’d love for you to share the Avocado To You awesomeness with your favourite local eating spot too.