Avocado to You was started out of our passion for food that not only tastes good, but is good for you. We have been growing avocados for export for more than 25 years, and know how to grow the best!

No unnecessary sprays, no coolstores, no squeezing by hundreds of other customers first. We pick and pack them ourselves by hand, and send them straight to you to ripen to perfection at home.

The Morcom's started growing avocados in Cooks Beach. 
Graham & Selma Morcom planted additional trees and took over the farm in 2000. 
We had the great privilege of featuring in an episode of the iconic NZ TV show Country Calendar, which is still played on reruns from time to time, so you might just see us pop up on your screen!

In 2016 we started further expanding our orchard, planting a new variety to NZ called Gem which will come into production in 2021 with new plantings being added every year.
Chris and Larissa Morcom (Graham and Selma's brother and sister-in-law) join the Avocado To You family business.